• Dr. Marc Newman, Carmel, IN

    Optimal Air has integrated well into my dental sleep workflow. There’s honestly so much to love about this product, especially for those familiar with Airway Metrics. The vertical gauge is much easier to use, more precise, and allows for patient buy-in as they can feel and hear their snoring soften chairside. The Horizontal keys have notches that sit better on patients’ incisors, which seems to improve the stabilization of the mandible in protrusion. The abundance of keys really helps us to dial in an accurate starting position and feel more confident about it. The large handle on the Horizontal keys, easy to read labeling, and very organized arrangement are advantages that make this system easy on myself and the team.

  • Adam Milmont, DDS, Casper, WY

    I have been using Optimal air for the better part of a year now.  The system has a few features that I really like, however, what I most value is the fact that I am able to find a very therapeutic bite right out of the gate. I have multiple experiences where my mandibular advancement appliances required zero titrations, which saves on chair time but also helps the patients feel even more confident in their treatment and my clinical skills.  I love the fact that I have the ability to control both vertical and horizontal possession independently and with great precision and to demonstrate a desired outcome to my patients.  The key system is easy to use.  Part of the process using optimal air also allows you to control for and evaluate upper/nasal airway restrictions that may affect treatment and assure you that you have that conversation with a patient who may prove to benefit from nasal expanders or additional upper airway interventions.  Optimal air has helped make me a better clinician for my patients.