Therapeutic Bite for Sleep

Optimal Air is designed to Quickly and Easily Set Therapeutic Bite for Optimal Airflow. 7 levels of vertical and 8 levels of horizontal adjustment, 3D printed to an accuracy of under 50 microns. Simple and easy to set the therapeutic bite with optimal airflow.


Optimal Air offers 7 levels of vertical and 8 levels of horizontal adjustment in 1mm increments. This allows the practitioner to identify mandibular postion for optimal airflow with greater precision than other systems. Optimal Air is proudly made the USA, printed in house to an accuracy of under 50 microns of the indicated size. The bite notches on the horizontal keys are deep and oval shaped, making for a more secure fit on the tooth compared to systems with shallower or more rounded notches. Less wobble and play in the notch makes for a more accurate and reproducible bite registration. This results in more comfortable patients and fewer adjustments after delivery.

Simple and Fast

The Optimal Air process is designed top to bottom to be easy to understand and fast to administer. First the clinician uses the vertical gauge to determine optimal vertical displacement, then tests each of the 4 horizontal keys for the corresponding vertical size. The keys are tested in order from left to right, with no flipping, no calculations and only one set of numbers visible on all sides. This makes it easy for the clinician to record the correct measurements every time, spending as little as 2 minutes taking the bite.

Built for 3D Scanning

Optimal Air is an ideal system for 3D scanning. The selected horizontal key is compact and does not interfere or block any teeth. The keys are printed with a non-reflective surface, so the light from the scanner or ambient light from the room does not cause errors due to reflections.

Designed for the Clinician

Other systems use double-sided keys, with different measurements on each side. This makes it hard to know what size was in the patient’s mouth and hard to hold the key. Optimal Air keys are one sided, with an easy to hold key shape on the other side. Each piece is labeled on all sides so the clinician can easily read no matter their position. Optimal air also features a safety system: a small hole in each key, allowing dental floss or wire to be threaded through, which prevents keys from falling on the ground or worse, into the patient’s mouth.